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💥Veterans Day Pre-sale💥Deluxe Camouflage Ghost Mask

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The strong point of this mask is definitely the scary-looking, skull-like aesthetic that comes in a wide variety of different designs. Whether you want to rock a flag in a match, go hunting, or just want a scarred, ballistic look, you’re covered when it comes to the design of this mask.

The mask itself is made of a high-quality resin that will be able to absorb damage like a champ. It is strapped on with six elastic bands to allow for an optimal fit and the padding behind it is quite comfortable which will keep you from getting taxed while wearing it for an extended time. The adjustability is great, and it’s really mostly suited for average-sized adults and people past their mid-teens.

Full Face Airsoft Mask with Metal Mesh Eye Protection. Cool looking protection mask for Hunting, Airsoft/BB Gun/CS, Riding a Bike, or Going to a Party. Roomy enough to fit over glasses.
* For paintball/airsoft use, please wear safety goggles underneath the mask for eye protection

With soft and high-quality cushions, you will be comfortable wearing it while not sacrificing any of its protective functions. It is breathable and the Mesh Metal Eye Protection is designed to let users see clearly.
The Camo Tactical Mask is perfect for you if you are looking for some badass tactical gear that will provide a substantial amount of protection. Who said that form and function have to be mutually exclusive?

Features: High-strength Resin Glass Fiber Composite Materials with Stainless Steel Mesh.
SIZE: W21*H28*D15cm.
Weight: Approx. 300g.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I adjust the straps?
There are tabs on the webbing that is on the side of the mask that you can pull to tighten. You should be able to get a very tight fit.
Q: How’s the field of view on this? Can you see well?
Yes, the vision is good for the size of the openings. You can see well as you normally do.
Q: How well does it fit glasses?
You can wear most sizes of glasses. Roomy enough to accommodate glasses.
Q: Can you wear a helmet with this?
Yes, you can wear most helmets, hats, hoodies.
Q: Are the masks all the same shape, just different paint schemes?
Yes, all masks are the same, just in different color designs.
Q: Is this product for Paintball as well?
Yes, but you will need to pair it with safety goggles. Check with your local paintball hosts before using it in a match.
Q: If you have the mask on, can people see your eyes? like your eye color?
No, they can not see your eyes at all.
Q: Is it an anti-fog mask?
It doesn’t have lenses, it has a metal mesh so you can still see out of it just fine in the fog.
Q: If you need to speak while wearing this mask does it make it hard for someone to hear/understand you?
Not really, it does muffle your voice a bit but people will be able to hear you like normal.
Q: My head is big, will this fit?
Yes, it’s very adjustable and will fit larger adults.
💥“Item featured in Best Gear of 2021”💥

8 Different Mask variants, all masks are the same size. (Some masks cost more than others due to the complexity of designs)
Constructed with high-quality Resin Glass Fiber Composite Materials, comfortable, light-weight, and durable.
The mesh eye makes it easy for you to see clearly while providing a substantial amount of protection.
Rubber Padded Inside For Increased Comfort. Perforated mouth area assures breathability and safety from the outside.
6 Elastic Straps Enables Maximum Adaptability and Secure Fit. An adjustable elastic strap makes it easy to wear.